Toms. female viagra in india When there are symptoms, the most common are: persistent vaginal discharge, which may be pale, watery, pink, brown, blood streaked, or dark and foul-smelling abnormal vaginal bleeding, especially between menstrual periods, after intercourse or douching, and after menopause, which gradually becomes heavier and longer symptoms of advanced cervical cancer may include: loss of appetite, weight loss, fatigue pelvic, back, or leg pain leaking of urine or feces from the vagina bone fracture signs and tests: invasive cervical cancer often appears as an irregular fleshy growth, often firm or hard, that tends to bleed easily. buy viagra online But even on pelvic examination by a doctor, pre-cancers and even early cancers of the cervix are often not visible to the naked eye. can women take viagra what happens Special tests are necessary to diagnose cervical pre-cancers and cancers: pap smears screen for -- but do not diagnose -- cervical pre-cancers and cancers pap smears that are collected or read by special methods (thinprep, autopap, papnet) are now available that can be useful in certain situations or in laboratories for quality control colposcopy is an examination of the cervix under magnification in order to locate an abnormality of the cervix biopsy, colposcopy, or sometimes the use of laser (a loop electrode) or other instrument allows a diagnosis to be made when cervical cancer is found, additional tests -- such as x-rays, using an instrument to look into the bladder (cystoscopy), and rectum and colon (colonoscopy) -- are used to determine how far the cancer has spread and what stage the disease is in how is cervical cancer treated? online order viagra Treatment of cervical cancer depends on the type of cancer, the stage, the size and shape of the tumor, the age and general health of the woman, and her desire for future childbearing. In its earliest stages, the disease is curable by removing or destroying the pre-cancerous or cancerous tissue. buy viagra online This can often be done in various ways without removing the uterus or damaging the cervix so that a woman is still capable of having children. viagra online south africa In other cases, a simple removal of the uterus (hysterectomy) is performed, with or without removal of the ovaries. viagra online In more advanced disease, a radical hysterectomy may be performed which removes the uterus and much of the surrounding tissues, including internal lymph nodes. In the most extreme surgery, called a pelvic exenteration, all of the organs of the pelvis, including the bladder and rectum, are removed. Radiation or chemotherapy may be used to treat cancer that has spread beyond the pelvis, or has recurred. viagra for sale There are two kinds of radiation treatment: a device loaded with radioactive pellets which is placed into the vagina near. viagra online south africa viagra online south africa ISOLOGISMOS 2013